Candice Rusch


Live Stream Consultant

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I started Agent Chill Entertainment to bring my passion for building meaningful and representative content to live and recorded video. I take from my background in documentary film production and anthropology to create video with purpose. This means I work on each project to visually express client's goals in an engaging way.

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I love to see everything through a camera. I think it is fascinating to use an array of tools to manipulate and capture light, and be able to express stories through this visual medium. With a background in media management and production I understand how to create impactful communication tools with recorded and live video. It is both the creative and technical challenges that inspire me to find the best applications for businesses and special events.

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Billy has been with us since the beginning writing compositions for all of our work. His ability to enhance the story with music is stunning, and elevates each production to a new level.

Brian Byrd



Billy Fuqua


Cassie Taylor

Camera operator

Video Editor

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Cassie is the real deal when it comes to production and post. If we could have ten Cassie's we would, except then they would all quit and start a show tunes cover band.

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Other than watching over Brian and Candice, I keep up to date with our social media, come up with new and approved ways to showcase Agent Chill across the platforms, and write inspirational and fun posts for our wedding blog. 

Mike Yasa

Audio Technician

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Also known as Mike the Mic Guy.

Jennifer Hoover

Marketing Assistant


Chaser of All the things


Head of Moral


Master tail whipper